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Here are some cool gadgets I saw on WORLDMATE.com that will help keep you safe and make life a little bit easier, weather you’re on the road or at the airport.

Kensington Combo Saver Portable Notebook Lock

A laptop computer is stolen every 53 seconds in the U.S. by the time you have finished reading this post, 5 people will be have been de-laptop’d. So what about your laptop — and the precious data it contains — dis-appearing if you leave it unattended in an airport cafe? Kensington has been making notebook security systems for years now, and theirs is the brand you see most often in college dorm rooms and other areas where laptops are easily swiped. This lightweight model, with its 3-inch-to-6-feet self-coiling cable, slips easily into a computer bag. But don’t leave it unattended for too long. The cable is no match for a pair of wire cutters.

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Tumi Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor Kit

The power bricks we have to haul around to keep our electronic gadgetry charged is the ball and chain of the 21st century road warrior. Why can’t all the devices of this world just get along with one, total, absolute, universal charger? Today, they very nearly can. Tumi sells several variations on this theme, including a Wall/Auto/Air Ultra Portable Notebook Adaptor that comes with an array of tips that fit just about any laptop computer or USB device — except the newest ones from Apple (go figure). The kit is elegantly packaged with a spring-powered retractable cable and a leather-trimmed carrying case.


Pay attention Double-Oh Seven; online banking over unsecured wireless networks just won’t do. The man sitting next to you in the shiny pleather jacket and Ron Burgundy mustache is sniffing the 802g airwaves, just waiting for your web passwords. Here is the ultimate in password security with RSA’s SecurID® Two-Factor Authentication token. It uses strong authentication by generating a random password every 60 seconds and works with all major banks. Oh and 007, try not lose it this time.

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Have you ever though to yourself, “I really wish I could store a twenty inside my notebook?” Or maybe you fear for not having a stamp at just the right time. Worry no more; the StashCard from Wireless Garden is here. For $10 you can get one of these cool storage devices that hangs out in a notebook’s PCMCIA slot.

The concept is pretty simple. The metal case opens to reveal a compartment that’s roughly 70mm long x 42mm wide and 3mm deep. Put whatever you can fit in the case and slide it into your notebook’s PCMCIA slot. The case weighs very little and fit in and out of several slots we tested with.The StashCard is a fun storage device that I’d be willing to bet no one in your office or circle of friends has. The card works well and is priced right; pick one up to be ready for any emergency.

Tourist Remover Software

In the same way that HDR photos can take all the best bits from multiple exposures of the same subject and combine them into a single stunning photo, futureLAB’s cleverly named Tourist Remover Software can de-tourist-ify your travel photos. Simply snap a few shots of a building, statue, etc., happy tourists and all. Their software will combine all of the un-touristed sections of each pic into a single tourist-free photo. Simple and kinda hot.

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