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Okay… we all know what happened. We  all saw it on Preachers of L.A. We know all the painful details:

Deitrick Haddon Calls Wife Out As Adulteress & Wants Name Cleared and Deitrick Haddon Gets A Response!

Damita talked  about it in depth here:  Damita Haddon Tells Her Side Of Deitrick Divorce And Dominique Responds Honorably

Deitrick sat with  me had a no bars held chat: The Deitrick Haddon “R.E.D” Files: Confession Like No Other [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Soooo we posted late Saturday night Deitrick’s new  announcement that a baby is on the way:  Congratulations Deitrick Haddon… Baby On Board

Well, Damita’s new husband Reuben facebooked this as a response:

Technically… she is no longer his mistress but his wife.

Followed by this clear  PSA message:

Reuben Chandler PSA

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So… the question is “Are we still there?”

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