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What is the problem anyway? I have so many friends who are not African-American as well as friends who are. When we start discussing politics the conversation differs in so many ways. I don’t think it’s the race card to say that there is a huge difference in opinions about our current state of laws and by-laws but there is this consistent argument of sorts. I find that we don’t really know as much about where the other stands and why we think the way we do. Let’s face it we are all different people and instead of denying that fact, I think it’s best to acknowledge and accept it and learn from one another. I use to be from the school of “oh I don’t see color” and all that’s true in many aspects still there are many situations where I do see color quite clear. Who are we kidding anyway? That’s like saying if someone is tall or skinny that we don’t notice it, of course we do. Being politically correct in my opinion is something totally different from being true to what is factual and present day. What I mean by that is you can have a change of heart at any given point in your life for whatever reason and you have the right to express that in that moment as long as it is respectful to those whom you are speaking. That’s a loaded statement and there’s no real time to explain so I’ll just move on.

So this concept that black people should not be proud of the fact that we have a black president by whites I find is a bit hypocritical. I actually feel sorry for black republicans who are not allowed to celebrate openly in their churches and social groups without getting attack. Pardon my English but “bump that” I told my non-black friend the other day I am very proud of this historical moment in history and that he too should be proud for me and this country. I find it ridiculous to actually think we can say and declare which president is a “Christian” and which one isn’t. My question to him was, are you insane? We can’t even tell which pastors are “saved” these days let alone politicians. Can we deal with the facts please? Can we deal with the real issues and not faith base issues that don’t really penetrate most of our federal laws anyway?  Here it is, if you are in pursuit of a certain life style be it middle class, entrepreneurial, lower class, upper class, etc. the issues are going to affect you differently and thus your opinions about the laws will be different.

I encourage a healthy but honest conversation between all races of people. I also believe when it comes to our leaders we have to be respectful and to some degree supportive. As “Americans” we have to find common ground to come together and move forward. This starts by respecting the process without disrespect to understanding that there is a true point to the faith base issues like abortion and same sex marriage but also there are legit points to starvation and homelessness. We can’t wink our eye at one thing and then call down fire of judgment for the other. I have always had some type of respect for our presidents in office which up to now have not been of the same race as myself. This is a personal observation and a quick response to this matter so I know I am not hitting or balancing everything out. But my goal with this blog is to get you thinking and talking. You cannot be afraid to talk to black people if you are white and you can’t be afraid to talk to white people if you are black without getting into an ugly debate.  For the record all though each of the conversations I mentioned earlier started on not so a high a note it definitely ended on a high one. You do your own homework and don’t be lazy as an American find out the “truth” behind policies and laws with that make your opinion known with love and respect. No matter what we can’t stop communicating to one another about the future of our nation.

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