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Tiger Woods is human just like the rest of us and should be allowed to live his life with some sense of privacy.  I am once again frustrated because so many sources have started to execute this man’s family in the media.  Don’t give me the old lame excuse that he is a public figure.  Tiger Woods is not some sub-human species that does not make mistakes.  This man has the same bodily functions that we all have to get through his daily routine.  Even he hits one in the rough at times when he is playing golf.  It does not matter what the real situation was the night he had a car accident leaving his home.   By the way,   I did hear he is alive and well with only a few scratches and bruises.  What happened to people hoping everything worked out for Tiger and his family?  It is like we as a society are angry with celebrities for being wealthy,   famous, and living out the product of their hard work.  We are so fascinated by celebrity downfall that we do not take the time to look at our own sin in the process.  Just because you may not be a public figure does not mean you will not be accountable for your actions.  Difference here being you will avoid being judged by the public opinion court.  None of us are perfect.  Doesn’t it bother you that people in the public eye are not able to be out in public and enjoy the simple things in life like a walk in the park, dinner and a movie, or go to the grocery store without being molested by paparazzi?  We all have fallen short at some point and time.  We have perverted life so much we have made famous and idolize things that should be an abomination like TMZ and the National Enquirer.

Next time you are sitting down looking at the news or entertainment reporting, imagine your life with all eyes on you for everything you say and do for the rest of your life.  How would the media twist what you are going through or what you said to satisfy their listening or viewing audience?  If you are honest with yourself you will say that is no way to live (unless you are like the Paris Hiltons of this world and use the publicity as you own personal advertisement).  No matter if you are famous or not, the truth will come out. Can we talk about the real issue here?  We place too much faith in those that are human.  For those of you in denial I have something for you to chew on.

Sports, Television, Movies, Internet and Church will be here long after any individual is dead and gone.  Why then do we base our following on that person or persons leading the way in their respective occupations?  Out of all the people in baseball why have they chosen to pursue Barry Bonds for steroid use?  I could be wrong, but in my opinion it is because he is replacing the icon at the top of baseball they have always known Babe Ruth. Was Babe Ruth without sin? You already know the answer to that question (if not you are delusional).  I am not even going to go into the way some of you allowed your daughters to hang Chris Brown all over their rooms until he was assassinated in the media.  How many of you are going to get your money back on Tiger Woods’ Chevron World Challenge in Thousand Oaks, California charity tournament this weekend or are not going to watch now because he is not playing?  My point is, regardless as to what has happened in the sports or entertainment, the show continued to go on.  For those of you blowing off the argument because you care nothing for baseball or any other sports, try taking a look at this.  How many of you do not go to church service or get up and walk out when you hear that the regular Pastor or Bishop is not going to be there to give the message?  You have made that Pastor or Bishop your object of faith and not Christ.  The church has been here and will be here until the end of times.

Challenge yourself to change your way of thinking.  Stop putting people on a pedestal because they are in the public eye.  They make mistakes like the rest of us do.  Only one man has ever walked this earth in flesh and blood managed not to make any mistakes, Christ.  We are getting ready to celebrate his birth on the churches day of choice December 25th.  Do you know the story about what happened to him?    Stop giving all these negative media sources your time and money motivating them to continue business as usual.  We should remember to act in love regardless as to what the truth may be. Giving grace (giving what is not deserved) and mercy (not giving what is deserved).  I do expect people in the lime light to conduct their lives in a certain manner because they influence a lot of people.  I just realize it is not my place to judge them when they make mistakes.  Next time you are gossiping about someone along with the media, place yourself in their position.    I have made enough mistakes in my life to know I should not point fingers at those that live their lives in the opinion of public court. If I Were You, I Would Put My Stones Back In My Pocket!! You may not agree with me.  We will agree to disagree.  I Am Just Trying To Help.

Written By Napoleon For Elev8.com

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