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Her grandmother arrived Friday evening. Most of us are certain that means that the end is near.

Bobbi’s grandmother Cissy Houston has been close to her granddaughter since arriving over  the weekend.

According to news reports From New York Post newspaper and TMZ  The Browns gave their blessing to pull the plug at the stroke of midnight to align the date with the 2012 passing of the legendary singer at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The move is a symbolic way to keep the mother and daughter together for eternity, according to a Brown family source.

Bobbi Kristina, 21, the only child of Houston and singer Bobby Brown she was found unresponsive in a bathtub in her Roswell, Georgia, home Jan. 31.

Why was Bobbi Kristina in a medically induced coma? Depending on the circumstances, injury to the brain can cause uncontrollable seizures, or even severe brain swelling if there is evidence of stroke or oxygen deprivation. When you put a patient into a medically induced coma, doctors can control their alertness level, so they don’t feel pain, stop any uncontrollable seizure activity, don’t fight the breathing machine, and subsequently do not raise the pressure within their head. The goal is to put the body to sleep such that all parts of the body reduce their oxygen demand and prevent high metabolic rates that the body is unable to support.

The doctors will periodically lighten the sedation for only a few minutes to see if Bobbi Kristina is improving; such metrics include if she responds to stimulation, follows simple commands like “squeeze my fingers,” or has certain stereotypic movements of the arms and legs associated with devastating brain injury.

Father, Bobby Brown, has maintained a positive outlook and hopes, but the  inevitable has likely arrived.

We pray for comfort of family and friends at this very stressful time.

Update 2/10/15 1:35 EST:  A lawyer for Bobby Brown just issued a statement, saying there is no truth to the story that Bobbi Kristina will be taken off life support tomorrow, though things are very serious. As we reported, members of the Brown family say that this is indeed the case. But the lawyer, Christopher Brown, says it’s not so.

Update 2/26/15: According to People Magazine Bobbi Kristina Brown was taken out of a medically induced coma, but she did not have the response her family had been praying for. “She was taken off the drugs, but she began having violent seizures,” a family source says. “She is being put back into a coma.” Bobbi Kristina, 21, has remained on life support for the past few weeks