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Have you ever wondered which Bible character you would be? Praise 1025‘s K.D. Bowe asked some of your favorite gospel artists on the red carpet of BMI’s Trailblazer Awards show in Atlanta.

Examples are an extremely common method of teaching in everyday life. Good teachers do not just directly state how to do things. Often they will also show the student what to do by doing it and letting the student observe the example. Then the teacher says, “Now, you do what I just did.” Or if someone did something wrong, we tell the student not to do it that way.

A father may show his son how to work on a car, a mother may show a daughter how to bake a cake, or a teacher may show a student how to do a math problem. Instances surround us daily.

So common and so effective is this teaching method, that we would be amazed if God did not use it in the Bible. The bible is filled with examples.

So take a look at how these gospel artists resolved to answer:

Which Bible Character Are You?

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