Men Do Like to Communicate: Men like to talk—have you ever tried asking us the best way to get somewhere? Or seen us talking about a game with our friends? Or talking to our kids? Unfortunately, we have a tendency to hold our tongues because we often feel like we might hurt a woman’s feelings. As a result, we just don’t bother. Just listen to us…and we’ll tell you what we feel. And trust me, if we say it, we mean it.

A Woman’s Looks Are Not Everything: Don’t get me wrong, a woman’s beauty is definitely important, sometimes too important. However, any grown man of substance has been down that road before and knows the pitfalls that come with judging a woman by her looks. A woman with a laser-like intelligence, a sharp sense of humor, a compassionate soul and natural beauty goes very far these days.

Men Do Take Things Personally: Every man likes to think that he is more like his alter ego – his favorite superhero. However, more often than not, things do get to us. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, men commit suicide four times as much as women and suicide currently ranks as the seventh leading cause of death for men. And for Black men, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes are still major causes of death.

Men Do Listen to Criticism: I know we have a hard time of showing it, because Black men can be rather hard-headed when it comes to constructive criticism, especially when it comes from our significant others. However, most men that I have talked to said that the criticism is rarely delivered in a way that they can understand or better yet, receive it. While he might say that you remind him of his mother, sometimes, the greatest act of love is taking someone seriously enough to risk offending them. Don’t worry, we hear you. Just remember to do it in a constructive and positive way.

Men Are Not Intimidated By a Woman’s Success: Most men want a woman that’s going to compliment him, whether it be with his homies, his co-workers or at a black tie affair. If a man is intimidated by your success – you don’t need him anyway.

His Friends Are Not More Important Than You: Finally, if a man really loves you…you are and will always be more important to him than his friends. He just likes to hang with the guys from time to time. Trust me…It’s not personal.

Zack Burgess is an award winning journalist, who is the Director/Owner of OFF WOODWARD MEDIA, LLC, where he works as a Writer, Editor and Communications Specialist. His work can be seen at Twitter: @zackburgess1

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