Pastor and Gospel Mega Star Marvin Sapp Gives Inspiring New Year’s Message


Happy New Year!!!

As I prepare to come off social media for our annual consecration I wanted to close/begin the year by sharing that 2K14 has been very challenging for me. Gratefully I made it through I made many mistakes, hurt individuals who are very important to me. I’ve been slandered, stalked, accused, disrespected by people that I have helped and more. Yet to the best of my ability I maintain my integrity when I wanted to loss it.

However 2K15 will be the year that I go to another level. It will be the year of intentional change and by the conclusion of this year I will be happier, healthier, healed and whole.

For 4 1/2 years my primary focus was to ‪#‎RepairNPrepare‬ many didn’t understand nor accept it, however with the help of the Lord I’ve done my personal best. Now as I ascended to new levels in the church, every aspect of my life will go higher as well.

I speak, declare and decree that it is already so…… ‪#‎BeenThrough2Much‬‪#‎HeMadeMeSomePromises‬ ‪#‎IBelieveGod‬ ‪#‎NewSeasonHasCome‬

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