Thug Passion: Let’s Give Jeremy Meeks His Life Back

Like a lot of other living, breathing women, I thought Jeremy Meeks’ mug shot was hot, even if his backstory wasn’t so sexy. But I also thought that a man facing a lengthy prison sentence who never asked for the attention should get a break from the media.

Do Black Artists Need The Grammys and The Oscars?

After less than stellar showings at the Grammys and Oscars, I wondered if Black artists still needed validation from mainstream awards shows.

St. Louis: A City With Two Tales

TJMS producer/author/columnist Nikki Woods told the story of the St. Louis that she personally knows as compared to the region that’s been in the spotlight as an example of the ongoing problems between Black youth and police.

Touching Yourself On Valentine’s Day Is Healthy

TJMS producer/columnist/author/woman about town Deya Direct says single life doesn’t have to be without it’s, ahem, pleasures.

All In The Family: Spreading the Wealth Across Generations 

Tom Joyner talks about leaving a legacy behind –  in his children and via his work raising money for HBCU’s.

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