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Dr. Roderick Claybrooks, 42, one of the just 1.7% of African American doctors who are spine surgeons says that you don’t always have to go to the ER when you have certain symptoms. The five most common reasons people head to the ER are:

1.Chest Pain

 2.Shortness of breath

3.Abdominal pain/vomiting


5. Musculoskeletal complaints

Some of these complaints may not require an ER visit, but a checkup, Claybrooks says.

He’s also written a series of books, The Black Student’s Guide To Success and the workbook companion is available now on Amazon.com.  The series includes, “The Black Student’s Guide to Financial Success” and “The Black Parent’s Guide to Financial Success.”

Claybrooks was compelled to write his series of books after meeting so many patients in the emergency rooms of Detroit that were living beneath their potential and not maximizing their gifts. His goal is to decrease the high school dropout rate by increasing enrollment among financially-challenged youth and college bound prospects. Claybrooks wants to equip them with resources to aid them in not only finding money to attend school but showing them how to navigate a successful journey through life.

An example of some of the issues discussed in his books include the following:

* Why African Americans Trail Other Groups in this Country Socially, Academically and Economically

* How to Find a Mentor and Foster Relationships that will Contribute to Your Success

* Why it Does Matter How You Look and What You Wear

* How to Choose A Career

* How to Build Wealth

* Acting White

When You Should And Shouldn’t Head To The ER  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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