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Anno Domini (AD or A.D.) is the time that describes the period of time following Christ’s death.

A.D.” premieres next year and is produced by Downey and Burnett. The NBC series is the producers’ follow up to the hit “Bible” series which aired on the History Channel.

Premiering Easter Sunday 2015, the 12-episode “A.D.” starts with the Crucifixion and The Resurrection. What follows is the epic tale of “A.D.” chronicling several of the most intense and tumultuous decades in history. The complicated birth of the early Church was a time filled with enormous faith, persecution, political intrigue, brutal Roman oppression and the desperate Jewish revolt. The entire world was transformed, and the course of human history would be forever changed.

“A.D.” tells its story through the eyes of the Apostles, Pilate, Caiaphas, the Jewish Zealots and the Herod family. With the Book of Acts and Paul’s letters as its foundation plus some artful use of history, “A.D.” shows why little has changed in two thousand years, but the church continues to change the world.

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