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J.Moss left this emotional message on his Facebook page for his fans:

After so much devastation with the loss of my home and my wife losing her step-dad, many other personal challenges and the difficulties of starting a new recording company with PAJAM, I can honestly say — GOD IS YET FAITHFUL !!! My family is yet very comfortable, my wife is in good-spirits, God is yet sustaining us and PMG’s first project #GFG has come out the gate making a huge impact in gospel music.. Proof that GOD IS YET SMILING AT US.. Beware, u don’t wanna be in a position to make God frown AT YOU bcuz u are messing with those God is smiling at .. ijsI love u all #jNation and HAPPY THANKSGIVINGThankfully yours,

J Moss

When he dropped in to chat with me, he revealed something that just blew my mind but enlightened me to God’s caring hand. Check out his inspiring words.

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