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Your sweat sessions should always be complimented with a healthy post-workout snack. The timing is crucial so make sure you refuel within two hours after a workout, but best within 30 minutes! What you decide to put in your body makes a huge difference. A mixture of protein and easily digested carbs are the way to go.


Here are some of my favorite post-workout snacks and recommendations…

1. Chocolate Milk (8 grams of protein per cup)

I swear by this one. Not only is it delicious, chocolate milk’s killer combo of protein and carbs makes it one of the best beverages for refueling post-workout. Some research shows that the DHA omega-3s in chocolate milk is great for your heart and brain!

2. Greek Yogurt (About 16 grams of protein per container)

Greek yogurt has double the amount of protein compared to regular yogurt and it’s a great source of carbs. It helps to repair muscle tissues and recharge energy. This is really a perfect snack for any time of the day.

3. Bananas (36 grams of carbs per banana)

Bananas are high in simple carbs. These fast-acting carbs will help restore your body’s level of glycogen to rebuild damaged muscles. And the wonderful potassium kick starts your muscles on the road to faster recovery.

4. Luna Protein Bar (12 grams of protein per bar)

I was introduced to these Luna Bars at my weekly Lole fitness classes. After doing some research, I found out that these compact bites are filled with fiber, calcium, iron and vitamin D, perfect for recovery on-the-go. Sorry guys, these babies are designed for the ladies only.

5. Organic Eggs (6 grams of protein per egg)

Eggs are nutritional powerhouses, containing almost every essential vitamin and mineral needed for your body. Loading up on complete protein is even better when you don’t have to worry about added hormones or antibiotics.

6. Dried Fruits & Nuts (About 6 grams of protein per ounce)

Perfect on-the-go snack for post-workout. You won’t have to worry about missing the window of opportunity to refuel! Dried fruits gives you the needed simple carbohydrates while replenishing your muscle glycogen. And nuts are the perfect source of protein. See which is the best nuts for you.

7. Wholegrain breakfast cereal (About 13 grams of protein per serving)

Think cereal is only made for breakfast? Think again! A high protein, high fiber cereal can offer about 30 grams of carbs, 13 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber per serving. It’s perfect for recuperating after a workout. I recommend the Kashi brand.

8. Low Fat Cottage Cheese (13 grams of protein per half cup)

I’m personally not a big fan of cottage cheese but I have to include here because it’s an amazing snack of choice. Cottage cheese is great for muscle recovery and post-workout hydration. It’s also low in saturated fat and has lots of benefits for your bones.

What are your favorite post-workout snacks and secrets?


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