Here are a few tips from Dr. Ro about how to eat healthier and lose weight.

1. Eat first hour out of bed- Skipping breakfast negatively affects metabolism, makes you more likely to overeat, eat unbalanced meals, and consume more calories,

2. STOP Eating 3 hours before bed. Make your last meal/snack no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

3. Eat protein with every meal and start the day with protein on the plate.

4. Eat every 3-4 hrs. to speed up metabolism.

5. Limit/STOP eating sugar! It is a toxin that causes inflammation in the body!

6. Buy/eat sprouted, live whole grains- black, brown, red, & wild rice;

quinoa (sounds like keen-wa); spelt, millet… Think Ezekiel Breads & Cereals a popular brand of sprouted breads and grains.

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