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Comedian Adele Givens says Sheryl Underwood is a ‘damn lie.” That’s after reports that The Talk star and comedian revealed as her ‘secret’ on the daytime show that she was once considered to join the ‘Queens of Comedy’ tour. Underwood said that she got on a conference call without Givens comedian Laura Hayes and Sommore knowing she was on the line.

Underwood said she heard them talking about her appearance and her talent and not in a good way but that she never let the other women know she was on the call. She says she worked with both years later without saying anything. Underwood considered it it her ‘aha’ moment and says that she took it as constructive criticism to improve herself, even though it hurt.

But Givens says it never happened. So what was Underwood thinking?

“I have no clue, this woman has her own version of what’s going on. She started off with a big ol’ elaborate lie. Walter [Lathan, the man behind the ‘Queens of Comedy’] put out a statement,” Givens says. Lathan said that Underwood was never even in the running for the tour.“Everybody just assumed she was telling the truth. I think everybody got caught up in this inspirational moment. I was crying myself until someone tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘She’s talking about you.’

Givens can’t understand why Underwood would tell what she says is an elaborate lie. She says she hasn’t talked to Underwood since December, when they did ‘Herlarious’ in Las Vegas together. Givens says that she couldn’t get Underwood out of her dressing room and that even they hung out together after the show.

But when Tom suggests that the group use the publicity to remount a Queen of Comedy tour, Givens is skeptical.

Listen To the explosive exchange  on The Tom JoynerMorning Show here.

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