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What’s better than going on a date with your significant other? Getting to combine fitness and romance all in one! Traditional dates like dinner and a movie is nice, but it can be a snore. How about something more active instead to get your blood pumping? (Hey! get your mind out of the gutters!) Since we’re both fitness enthusiasts, I love doing active things with my boyfriend, and it doesn’t always stop at the gym. See some of our favorite activities to do together and maybe you can try one of these on your next love adventure:

1. Take a hike

Grab a few bottles of water, sunscreen and a snack and hit up the trails! No matter which season you decide to go, there is a beautiful view waiting for you at the peak. You get to fulfill your cardio goal for the day and maybe snuggle up as you enjoy the fresh mountain air.

2. Namaste, baby!

Yes, we’ve been to quite a few yoga classes together. I love it, him… not so much. But how about some acro-yoga? This type of couple’s yoga is super intimate and it definitely tests your trust in each other. He gets to feel all macho lifting you up, and you can gaze into each other’s eyes as you fly. Falling down can easily turn into falling in love.

3. Explore a new city

Walk around and explore a new city or discover new parts of the city you already live in. Take a mini weekend getaway and be a tourist. Plan out all the historical places that you want to see and all the shopping that you want to do! When we get bored on the weekends, my boyfriend and I sometimes just pick a spot and start walking! It can be shopping, museum, or a park. Anything goes!

4. Enjoy a scenic ride

Ride along the water, over a bridge, or through a park. It’s a lot more fun than just driving and also better for your health and the environment.

5. Rock climb to the top

Indoor rock climbing gyms are a great option when the weather gets chillier outside. Work those back and leg muscles with your sweetie. How about a race to the top? Loser pays for dinner! And I’m happy to share that I’m very close to getting over my fear of heights… I think.

6. Dance the night away

I love dancing and sweating away at the club. It’s fun and burns more calories than you think! Just make sure you’re staying away from the bar and not load up on the alcohol.

The next time you’re thinking of what to do on a date, consider these fun and fit activities to get moving. I’m sure your significant other would love these ideas too!


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