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Read Luke 13:6-9; John 6:1-15

Man it is February already!! Wow, the first month has come and gone and we are well into month two. So here is the question. “Are You On Course?” What does this mean? Simply are you still focus on the goals, projects, and commitments you made for 2009? Are you still doing the things you need to do to accomplish them? Are you staying passionate about them? It is so important that you understand that each day God grants, he allows us to complete something. Completion is vital. When one completes something it creates a sense of peace and joy that is rare. With completion one feels great about everyday and though there are challenges, they do not hinder from following through the process.

The year is now 1/12 gone. Are you still on course? It is important that you ask yourself this and throughout the year review to see if:

1. You are staying focus on the goals for this year

2. You are manifesting the traits you stated you wanted to work on

3. You are working the processes needed to complete what you desire

Let me offer some advice on staying on course.

1. Post your goals in a prominent place so you “encounter” them everyday.

2. Do daily, weekly, and monthly reviews to see if you are accomplishing them.

3. Stay open to changing approach if you see your goals or dreams for the year not coming to pass

4. Adjust the goal if you discover it is unrealistic. It is better to complete something then to fail altogether.

My friends make this the year of completion. Decide that you will finish and go forth with the confidence that God will do in you greater things. Finish what you start!! So stay on course.