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Well, we stand corrected!

Joe Budden opened up and spoke about the recent events surrounding him over the past weekend after the NYPD tweeted that he was a wanted man! The warrant was stemming from a prior allegation made by his now ex-girlfriend.

Not long after the tweet went out, chaos ensued on the internets! Everyone and their Grandma Ethyl was scrambling to figure out what happened with Joey.

His attorney stepped up to speak on Budden’s behalf and we along with most others thought that Budden would be going radio silent regarding the case and all of the hubbub surrounding it. But we were what they call…wrong!

Take a look at what Budden had to say in the video below!


We have a question and it has nothing to do with the allegations against Budden. Why does everyone keep reporting on this guy like he has only ever had one song?  Joe Budden has a nice catalog of music up to and including the music he is STILL making with Hip Hop group Slaughterhouse!  Sorry, but we really needed to get that out there! He is not a rapper from the past, unless of course the past was last week! So, we truly hope people who are reporting on him do a simple search for his music because there is a whole more out there than just “Pump It Up“. But we digress!

Bottom line, Budden seems to be handling his end with the police just fine, so everyone can relax. He’s not in jail and they aren’t trolling the streets looking for him. Now, whether or not random people are trolling the internets looking for him is another story entirely.

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