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Bishop Noel Jones  is one of the preachers in Preachers of L.A. the controversial reality show that explores the lives of some of Loa Angeles’ most popular religious leaders. Critics of the show, including Pastor Donnie McClurkin and others have said that its intimate look at the personal lives of the men in the pulpit undermines their mission to provide spiritual service to their congregations. Jones has come under fire for his relationship with a long-time girlfriend, Loretta, who he has yet to marry.

“I’m the victim in this situation,” Jones told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “We’ve been friends for a long time. It’s funny that man cannot be friends with a woman and not marry her as though she’s some kind of ininmate object who you just simple decide I’m marrying you and she has to fall in line. It seems to me that if she has he own mind and she decides not to, then that’s up to her. If she intimates that she wants to, when we started out not intending to, then now I have to make a decision.

Considering that Jones is a pastor, you would think there would be som e Biblical instruction that would be relevant to jones’s situation. He says nor necessarily.

“The Bible has nothing to do with it in that sense. Some of the greatest people in the Bible were never married. Paul was never married and he talked more about marriage than anybody there was. Of course, Jesus was too much for any one woman so he couldn’t get married.”

Jones says that this new push to marriage has come as a surprise and that perhaps Loretta is being influenced by the other pastors, including Bishop Ron Gibson, who is happily married.

EXCLUSIVE: Will Bishop Noel Jones Make It To The Altar?  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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