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07/22/14 –

Dear Tom,

After I was able to escape a very dangerous relationship i met my now husband Coujoe Marson. He is truly a real man and dad. He spends his life helping people and showing boys how to be men and girls how a real man behaves.

When we met, I already had two daughters ages 8 and 2. He gave us all love and support –something that I never knew. He showed us how to be a family.

Years ago my little sister was killed and he relocated with me to help raise my sisters two children.

He left his job, his family – everything; never complaining no matter how difficult it’s been.

There are about 15 kids in the neighborhood who have adopted us as their parents calling us mom and dad. He does whatever he can to keep them off the street and just to feed the hungry kids in our area. He is a wonderful kindergarten teacher and works very hard to reach out to our next generation.

He never asks for anything in return. But now he needs my help and i don’t know how to get it any other way besides turning to you today. my husband’s 85 year-old grandmother is requesting her family to visit her in Florida this summer she fears she doesn’t have much time left. Every day he makes my dreams come true i just want to return the favor.

REAL FATHERS REAL MEN: Coujoe Marson  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com