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The man, identified as 43-year-old Linton Wilgus, was found “with puncture wounds to the neck” by a witness who was on campus for an early-morning prayer meeting at the church, according to the Dallas Police Department’s media relations manager, Maj. Max Geron.

Wilgus reportedly had pulled his car into the parking lot and spoke to the witness, a church member. When the church member noticed his bloody neck wound, the person entered the church and called 911.

Wilgus followed the person into the church, where he lunged at a second witness who approached him. The man “became combative with witnesses until (the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department) arrived,” Geron reported. Wilgus was declared dead at the scene.

“There is no connection to the church and detectives do not believe parishioners have any reason for concern related to this incident,” Geron added in his Twitter updates.

“Some of our members tried to help him,” pastor Evans told local media, explaining that the dead man was a “nonmember” of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Evans said the man was not known by any members on campus.

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