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When we think of drugs we think cocaine, heroin,  and crystal meth. We need to look into  our medicine cabinets for the real drugs. Statistics show show prescription drugs are our drugs of choice and the are the drugs that are killing us. 46% of Americans take at least one prescription pill a day. People pop pills like it’s a recreational activity. They think it’s cool when it really can be  ignorant, they think it’s a joke when it’s serious as death. Like mindless zombies people watch these commercials, see a quick fix and do not pay any attention to the side effects which basically keep you sick and make the doctor your best buddy. It’s right in your face but I wonder how many of you actually see the pattern.

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I know Big Pharm knows this isn’t a game. In 1998 they spent $12.7 billion in promotions, no telling what they’re spending today. I’m not saying this is a black and white issue, there is plenty of gray.  The bottom line is sometimes we do need  drugs; However, when a doctor says you’re going to be on a drug for the rest of your life it’s time to do your homework. Do not blindly except drugs as your only solution.

Dr. Mercola provided the following statistics from the Journal of The American Medical Association dealing with recreational and prescription drugs.

“Recreational drugs, including cocaine and heroin, are responsible for an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 U.S. deaths per year.

Well, an estimated 106,000 hospitalized patients die each year from drugs that, by medical standards, are properly prescribed and properly administered, according to an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

And 2 million more suffer serious side effects.”

What we must remember is the human body is very capable of regulating itself. Nutritional deficiencies are the foundation of many health problems. Keep things simple,eat your whole foods, drink your purified water, get your rest and exercise and let your body take care of itself.

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