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Editor’s note: As editor of Elev8, I  take pride in letting everyone tell, explain and  celebrate their truth. Truth is not always pretty. Truth is not always easy. This past weekend the internet was a buzz with a social spar between Wess Morgan and his ex-wife Betsy Morgan. Public opinion roasted Betsy calling her “bitter”, “selfish”, self absorbed and childish.  Betsy has a truth. She has a truth she wants to make 100% clear. For 30 minutes today, she explained her side of the story to me.  She did not dodge a question. She  answered them head on.- Oretha Winston Lead Editor


E8: Why did you take to social media?

Betsy Morgan: First I like to say, though I was married to him for years, I thought we had a good co-parenting relationship. Sure we had disagreements. But I thought we had a good parenting relationship.  I have no desire to be with Wes Morgan whatsoever. I am not the bitter ex-wife who wants him back.  I am furious, flaming, raging angry for my kids. If someone messes with my kids I am coming for you. What he did was unforgivable.  I can’t comprehend how a man  who is in the pulpit can do one thing and say another. I don’t understand.  There’s no reasoning for it. They were treated as if they didn’t exist.  I am like a momma bear over her cubs. I  am just so angry.

E8: What triggered your anger. What is this all about?

Betsy Morgan: My children have had to deal with the innuendo, talk and rumors  of their father’s marriage. How can a man not seek the blessing of his children when he gets married? He never talked about it . There was no clue. How his parents who are my children’s grandparents and pastors  didn’t make him tell his children is beyond me.  Why as an adult could he not sit down and have a discussion about it, instead of his children finding out not from him?  My babies loved  their dad. My children drove to see him in rehab when they were small.  They had Easter Sunday  egg hunts  steps away from where people were in rehab to be with their dad.They  supported and loved their dad. We were together in the peaks and valleys. My son just got accepted  to camp and like any other young man he would love to share that with his father. He can’t. That option is not there now. Now, they are hurt. Now they  don’t want to talk to him. They knew he was dating her. He lived in two house. (Editor’s note: Wess, lived outside the family house where the children grew up).

E8: What lead you to this place of being righteously angry  for your children?

Betsy Morgan:  We got  calls from friends saying he was married. It’s not right for a pastor to stand in the pulpit to preach one thing and do another. I am building strong children. They are smart.  I am angry for my children. It was really weak, selfish and inconsiderate for him to do things this way. Why announce you are married now? Why say you are proud now? He wasn’t proud to announce it in January when he got married. He got caught. Why wait now? Because you are starting a show? Why wait 4 months?  I am sure my 17 year old daughter is doing the math. He has two 13 year olds.

E8: What next?

Betsy Morgan: We have an obligation to our children. I want to get married again.  I am happily single. I want to be clear on that. You don’t do those things at expense of your children’s feelings. I have not spoken to him. They  (his children) don’t want to have anything to do with him. He has reached out  to them via text but they are hurt.  I feel bad  for her (his new wife). She has everything I left.  This is a woman that he had a child with during our marriage.   I refuse to be the bitter ex wife. I am so angry for my kids. I am angry that I have to pick up the pieces while he does whatever he wants. There’s history between us that makes this really  sad.

When the call was over she thanked me for listening. She was genuine, honest and forthcoming. This is her truth.

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