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Arsenio Hall has had a rough week. Hall released the following statement:

“When I started this adventure with CTD and Tribute, we all knew it would be a challenge — I’m gratified for the year we’ve had and proud of the show we created. I’d like to thank everyone on my staff for rallying around me and striving to make the best show possible each night.”

He has been tweeting with a sense of humor too!

Finally this morning he turned to the inspirational song by Kirk Franklin  ‘I Smile’

The lyrics are uplifting and encouraging:

When I think how much better I’m gonna be when this is over)

I smile, even though I hurt see I smile,/I know God is working so I smile,

Even though I’ve been here for a while (what you do?)/ I smile, smile../it’s so hard to look up when you’ve been down.

Sure would hate to see you give up now/ You look so much better when you smile, so smile.

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