Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Admit: “He’s not My Kind”

Due to my age I am admittedly a little behind the general population when it comes to my love for the music group ‘New Edition’.  I love them, can listen to their music for hours on end, and even sat front row during their reunion tour (and yes, that included Bobby) a few short years ago where I was handed a rose by Johnnie….swoon!  Fandom aside, I can definitely appreciate any artist who puts out music with quality lyrics.  One of my favorite New Edition songs happens to do just that. ‘You’re Not My Kind of Girl” relays the sentiments of a man who encounters an amazing woman, yet can honestly admit to himself that she’s just not his kind.  The chorus goes a little something like this:

Sorry, you’re not my kind of girl

You’re the kind of girl that a man’s dreams are made of

Sorry, you’re not my kind of girl

You’re the kind of girl that a man would be proud to call his own

How many of us can relate to the above?  During my dating tenure, I can say that I have met some amazing men.  Correction – I have met some amazing Black (and a few non) men, from all walks of life, all of whom I believe are great people and some of whom I have been able to remain friends with to this very day.  All of these men have redeeming qualities about them, were hard workers, providers, were family oriented, educated, and the list goes on and on.

Now I know what you’re thinking – if these guys were so great, as I’ve claimed they were, then why didn’t it work out between us?  The answer to this is simple, they were just not my kind or vice versa.  Compatibility is a quality that I find important, and when dating I try to pay close attention to how compatible he and I are.

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