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Teddy  visits Tina. Tina suggest that she and  Teddy go back to counseling. Goo Goo is happy to be around now that Mitchell is gone. Erica comes to Warryn with “I need more music.” Warryn explains his concern that he wants Mary Mary to go on back burner while Erica’s music  should be a front focus.  Warryn wants 110% of her attention. Warryn advises Erica that the issue is that Erica needs to choose between being “good” or “great”. Warryn says he is going to give one more song. Unfortunately, while she is laying down the track, her voice goes wrong. VERY WRONG. Erica confesses to Tina. Erica caves and goes to the doctor. The doctor shows great concern about her possibility of a hemorrhage and scarring of a vocal cord. Tina reveals that asking Teddy to leave was the hardest thing she ever had to do.

The ladies head off to their New Jersey gig.  Erica shares good news about their father getting better. Tina  professes that  there will be love, forgiveness,ways and support.  Tina decides that it is time to talk with Teddy. Erica hits the stage and her voice wipes out on her. Erica admits that she needs rest. The ladies exit and  Tina calls Teddy.

Tina decides that she has seen changes in Teddy. She thinks that  things will be better.  Tina invites Teddy home. Teddy comes home and embraces Tina.  Teddy and Tina  head to counseling. The counselor warns that there are valleys and hills. Warryn confesses that he ran to escape. Tina realizes that rage was a big issue.

Erica goes home to talk with Warryn. Warryn is angry that Erica has not shared her voice issues. Erica realizes that she may have to end Mary Mary.



It is critical to remain focused on the goal. Sometimes life throws you a curveball. Sometimes, what is good lasts and what is hard ends quickly; at other times, the reverse is true. One thing to remember is that change often a stressor, and if you have experienced major changes in your life – such a losing a job or relationship, moving, or entering a new phase of life like retirement or “the empty nest” – stress is a near certainty, and quite normal. Many people are aware of the “serenity prayer” from the 12 step tradition: “Grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change, the courage to change what I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” One thing we cannot change, is change. In Buddhism, the most popular religion in China and Japan, a core teaching is “impermanence”. There is so much that is out of our control. Change can happen anytime; in fact, it is always occurring. Life stages change; we move from child to adult to elder. Our finances change, for better or worse (and both can be stressful). Relationships change. People change. Beliefs and goals change.

What you must do is recognize that  you can survive the change. Do not be afraid to acknowledge that things are different. Admit that you are having an issue. That’s okay.  Change comes with your body aging. Rest is needed.  No one wants to be tired. Are you facing stress and a worn out body? Have  you continued repeating a behavior that is proving to be more damaging than helpful? It may be time for a change.

What change are you facing? Are you ready to do something about it? Here are three  things to do right now.

1- Identify what needs to change.

2- Create a concrete plan. ( be honest and realistic)

3- Get started . Don’t keep putting it off until tomorrow. Start today. Remember tomorrow is not promised!

Here is last week’s episode  in its entirety:

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