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You wake up. Then you help wake everybody else up. Then, it’s all about breakfasts, packed lunches, getting dressed, heading out, dropping the kids off, working a full day, making it to appointments, working out, getting home, making dinner, cleaning, prepping for the next day, then going to bed.

Then it all just starts over again.

With  perpetually crazy days and a jam-packed to-do list, many women struggle to do SO much while still looking and feeling their best.

Thankfully, there are a few easier-than-you-would-think beauty tips that can help keep busy women polished and glowing all over.

In general, it’s all about a few minutes of perpetual maintenance, as opposed to big changes…


The problem: Who has time to keep it salon-fresh all the time?

The solution: If you can’t make it to the salon as often as you’d like, your first step should be to ask your stylist to recommend at-home products that will help your hair stay polished. Also, remember to wear your scarf at night if you can, to use botanic oils to help seal in vital moisture, and to wash and condition your hair at least once a week.

Depending on your style and your schedule, you may also want to talk to you stylist about alternatives that are easier to manage…but still look great!


The problem: You’re so busy that it’s hard to get all the rest you need. And your eyes show it.

The solution: One quick solution is to invest in a great concealer and dab on a little to hide dark circles. Also, be sure to use eye cream every night to help protect sensitive skin.

But, the real solution is to try as hard as you can to get more of the rest you need. It’s difficult, but without it, all the concealer in the world won’t be able to correct the health effects of perpetual sleep deprivation.


The problem: Several cups of coffee in the daytime and a couple glasses of red wine at night can diminish the brightness of your smile.

The solution: In addition to visiting the dentist twice a year for essential cleanings, brush morning and night (two minutes each time), floss, rinse, and consider using whitening strips to help erase stains and bring the brightness back.


The problem: The sensitive skin on lips can easily get dry and cracked, making your lipstick look cakey and rough.

The solution: Buy a scrub specifically designed for lips. Once or twice a week, dip a toothbrush (one that you don’t use to brush your teeth with) into the scrub and gently buff your lips with it. An alternative to this is to dip a toothbrush in petroleum jelly and buff your lips with that.

Also, use emollient lipsticks and/or tinted lip balms.


The problem: Your complexion just doesn’t glow as much as it used to.

The solution: The solution depends a lot on your skin type, as well as your specific concerns. Other than getting more rest, eating right and exercising (all considerable feats on their own), it may be worth your time to talk to a dermatologist to help come up with a skin routine that’s right for you.

In addition to this, always try to follow the basics of any great skin care regimen: wash, tone and moisturize your face morning and night, make sure you use SPF every day, and at night, wipe away all makeup before you wash your face (makeup wipes or even baby wipes are great for this), and consider using a night-specific moisturizer.

Also, be sure to exfoliate twice a week and use a mask that’s appropriate for your skin type. And remember: less is best when it comes to makeup, especially foundation.


The problem: Your skin feels dry and rough, instead of soft and smooth.

The solution: Like your face, the skin on your body is very dependent on quality sleep, food and exercise. If you have a specific skin concern, such as eczema or acne, you may need to talk to a dermatologist. Other than this, consider using a loofah or bath sponge and a skin-appropriate shower gel, particularly one that’s moisturizing and contain enzymes to help slough off dead skin cells and revitalize the skin.

As far as moisture, try using oils, such as cocoa butter oil, coconut oil, shea butter oil sweet almond oil, and/or jojoba oil – they tend to lock moisture in better than many lotions, and help make your skin feel soft, silky and vibrant.


The problem: Rough, cracked skin and out-of-control cuticles. Let’s not even talk about the toenails.

The solution: Ideally, regular pedicures at a trusted salon are the best way to help keep your feet pretty and smooth. It’s not only an investment in your skin, but it’s an hour that’s devoted totally to you, you and you. If you can’t make it to the salon, try giving yourself weekly pedicures: talk to an esthetician about the best and safest tools for home use.

Aside from regular pedicures, you should also be sure to moisturize your feet with a rich and emollient cream or oil every day.