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Easter is a day of celebration. Very often, the means of celebration involve savory foods and delectible treats.

…and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You’re allowed to indulge….as long as you don’t go overboard.

Here are some helpful tips to celebrate, indulge in and enjoy the holiday…all while approaching it a little more healthfully.

Eat your breakfast.

First thing in the morning, make sure you and your family eat a nutritious breakfast, particularly one rich in protein and fiber. Why? Healthful foods like eggs and whole grains and fruit will help fill you up, so that overindulging will be harder to do.

Drink water. A lot of water.

You’re already supposed to drink 8-10 glasses of water. And Easter is no exception. Drinking enough water helps to hydrate you, helps you feel fuller, and helps to detox your body.

Eat proper serving sizes.

Have you noticed that nowhere in this article does it say not to enjoy some chocolate, some of that amazing macaroni & cheese, a nice serving of brown sugar glazed ham, etc.? The real trick to holiday eating in general isn’t as much about what you eat, but how much of it you eat.

Using the plate method can help you eat sensibly (relatively, that is): Half of your plate should be filled with veggies, a quarter with grains, and a quarter with protein. Many people find that, instead of heaping their plates with all sorts of savory goodness, simply enjoying a few bites satisfies them…without the belt-loosening.

Indulge in the sweet stuff…moderately and mindfully.

As long as you’ve been eating proper portion sizes and drinking water, enjoy a treat. Fine…maybe two. However, don’t inhale an entire piece of cake or several chocolates in two seconds. Take your time to truly savor each delicious bite.

Another healthy Easter tip: make sure to remember the true joy of the holiday…being blessed to spend precious time with loved ones.