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1. In Exodus, the blood of the Passover lamb was painted on the door frames, causing the plague of the firstborn to pass over their houses sparing the firstborn sons from death. The Last Supper is significant because Jesus showed his disciples he was about to become the Passover Lamb of God. Remember that you have been ransomed

2. The bread and wine consumed during the last supper has remained a constant in the Christian community.  The constant presence of Jesus is in your life everyday.

3. Jesus’ words during the last supper help us cope with suffering and remind us that God will always be on our side, no matter how tough the times may be

4. Judas was commanded to go and take care of his job. Jesus sent him out to take care of what he was set to do. Even in dark moments God’s mercy is present.

5. Jesus showed the ultimate gesture of love and hospitality by cleaning the Apostle’s feet.  Show hospitality and kindness to those around you no mater what.

6. Jesus shared a meal with his friends and spoke of his love. Meet around a  tale and share a meal with someone. It’s in the moments of breaking  bread that we  become, evolve and learn.

7. Jesus  commands them to do as he does. Understand that everyone has a role in life. Stop standing on the sidelines of  life.

8. Jesus prayed over their meal and he prayed in the Garden. Set aside time to pray.


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