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David Foreman RPh is a retired pharmacist who now host his own radio show “The Herbal Pharmacist.” His research in healing led him away from traditional pharmacy and toward the healing power of nutrition, supplements and herbs. The author of 4 Pillars of Health: Heart Disease, he studied at the South Carolina College of Pharmacy.

Foreman speaks to colleges, medical groups and hospitals about the importance of natural healing, which he believes works hand in hand with mainstream medicine.

You can follow him on on Facebook.com/TheHerbalPharmacist or on Twitter @Herbalrph

Can raw cashews kill you?

If you are allergic to them…otherwise I am unaware of them being an issue.

Where can you get raw almonds?

Local grocery store.

What food is good to curb a sweet tooth craving?

I would use Phase 2 daily with starchy meals.

Are pecans good for you?


What about chia seeds?

I love chia seeds.  High in Omega-3, protein, complex carbs, calcium and antioxidants.

What are some good foods to eat while dieting?

Fruits (not juices), veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes and small portions of lean meats.  NO processed foods.

What is the best fat blocker?

Fiber (eat more fruits and veggies)

Are dry roasted pistachios good for you?

Sort of…just be careful of sodium content.

Best things for weight loss and energy for the gym?

Other than eating less processed foods and fewer calories, Phase 2, Green Tea, Omega-3s and 6.  Energy: B-complex, green tea, BioPQQ

Can herbs interfere with blood pressure medicine?

Yes: Hawthorn and garlic are known to be helpful…use caution though.

Hey Dr. Is there an herbal remedy that will curb my appetite?

Green Tea works great and eating more nuts like I mentioned on the program.

How are sun flower seeds?

Ok…not the top of my list though.

Natural Chocolate covered almonds?


What about Vitamin E to treat symptoms of menopause?

Not a fan…rarely works.  Try Dong Quai, EstroG-100 and/or Black Cohosh.

Doctor, is beet juice a good source for male enhancement, rather than Viagra?

Never heard that one before…no idea.

What is the name of that item you said other than nuts that will curve appetite Cravings for sugar?

Phase 2, in general raw almonds work great too.

Are there any herbal remedies for male pattern baldness ?

I like Saw palmetto and nettle root by mouth.

I have asthma. Nuts are a trigger for me. So what are some alternatives?

All nuts? If so, try chia seeds.

What helps a man’s sex drive?


What about trail mix?

Depends on what is in it.  Often they have sweetened fruits or chocolate in them…those are not recommended

What is the safest way to loose belly fat?

Phase 2, eat more good fats (3 and 6), adjust Cortisol levels with either Holy Basil or Relora.

What can I eat to curb my snack craving and help lose weight. I didn’t hear the doctor clearly?

Almonds and walnuts (just a handful or two)

What about pistachios, are they good for you?

They are ok…just watch the sodium content

What was the name of the supplement the clock craving?

Phase 2

What’s a herbal drink to buy for colon and to lose weight Colon?

Depends on what you are trying to do.  Weight loss: Green Tea

What about sunflower seeds, with salt in shell? Good or bad?


What’s good for sugar craving, and fat burning?

Sugar: Use Phase 2 with starchy meals daily Fat burning: Love green tea.


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