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Easter will be here soon…you can tell by all the sweet goodies on display in most stores, bakeries and chocolate shops. All these delectable-looking options make it very hard to resist stuffing such smile-inspiring treats into your child’s Easter basket.

…and we’re not saying not to. An Easter basket without a few chocolate eggs, or a chocolate bunny, is just…cruel.

But, aside from a select few (and we really do mean few) token pieces of the sweet stuff, how about building an overall better, and healthier, Easter basket this year?

Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

1. Dark Chocolate Bunny

Like we said earlier, don’t be too extreme. A few pieces of chocolate, preferably dark chocolate, such as small chocolate eggs or one small or medium-sized chocolate bunny is kind of a prerequisite for any Easter-worthy basket. This said, keep that candy content to a minimum, especially super-sugary options like jelly beans and marshmallow candies. According to a recent CNN article, severe obesity in children is on the rise, and excessive added sugar does absolutely nothing to boost your child’s health. So adding only a few small treats to their basket will help keep things like their blood sugar, their tooth health and their weight under control.

Other smart candy options include sugar-free lollipops.

If you’re trying to go completely candy-free this year, try other options, such as fruit snacks or dried fruit placed in colorful little bags or plastic eggs.

2. Toys

Choose the right options, and your child won’t be paying all that much attention to the fact that there’s not as much candy to be found. Fill the basket with whatever sorts of toys that your child likes, as well as options that encourage activity, such as a brightly colored jump rope, chalk, a new ball, bubbles or even a new, colorful pair of gym shoes (depending on the size of the basket, and your child’s feet, of course).

3. Books

This depends very much on your child. If you have a child that loves to read, add in a  new book that you think they might like. Or, throw in a few coloring books and some crayons. Healthy minds are just as important as healthy bodies. Also, consider fun, Easter-themed selections to keep the spirit “hoppy.”

4. Plastic Eggs Filled with A Healthy Treat

Aside from candy, there’s nothing wrong with adding in other types of healthy, delicious snacks, such as animal-shaped crackers, nuts or trail mix. Try to choose a snack that’s organic and has no preservatives and no added sugar.

5. Plastic Eggs Filled With…A Surprise!

Jewelry, action figures, you name it! Fill a brightly colored plastic egg, or another type of container, with a special present that is sure to delight your child.

Don’t Forget The Basket Itself

A big part of the joy of Easter baskets is the presentation. Choose a sturdy and attractive basket that either you or your child will be able to use all throughout the year, once it’s been emptied. Consider stuffing the basket with grass that’s your child’s favorite color. Or, instead of grass, what about a different sort of material, like colorful straw, or even a pretty fabric, such as tulle? Try to get creative with the basket’s outer wrapping, as well.

Happy Easter!