Americans Prefer Phones Over Sex: Weird Habits of Americans [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every culture has its own ways of doing things. Americans constantly re-invents itself.

In the study, “The Weirdest People in the World,” behavioral scientists from the University of British Columbia in Canada rebut the traditional scientific theory that all humans have similar psychological traits. It turned out that Americans are somewhat isolated in liking the idea of getting the bigger slice of the pie, a trait frowned upon in other cultures. The researchers even labeled Americans as “weird,” meaning, different.

The study created a buzz in anthropology.  A review of the top six psychological journals in 2008 revealed that nearly 96% of subjects in psychological studies were Westerners and about 70% of them were Americans. In short, most behavioral studies used subjects from just 12% of the world’s population.

Take a look at the infographic provided by Finances Online

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