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Bishop Donald Hilliard and his list of activist/celebrity panelists will be t discussing this national epidemic affecting the African-American and Latino community.


African -American And Latino young men account for almost half of the nation’s murder victims each year and are most likely to be the victims of murder than their White peers.

In January 2014, jobless rates for African-American youth was estimated to be as high as 38 percent.

In 2012, Schott Foundation for Public Education reports that only 58 percent of Latino male ninth graders graduate high school in four years. Only 52 percent of black males graduate in that length of time and that’s compared to 78 percent of white non-Latino ninth graders.

A thought-provoking town hall discussion will be an open dialogue to address single-parenting issues which affect employment, education, social behavior; but most importantly, the lack of the male presence as it relates to crime and incarceration.

Here is just a sample of a frightening statistic provided by the CDC:

This national epidemic today has statistically risen to an alarming concern for African-American and Latino communities. Pastor Hilliard is passionate that “This town hall discussion is not just an opportunity to voice frustration; its purpose is to determine how we can best resolve this epidemic.”  We will examine and dissect the wrongs, and with open eyes, will fashion viable solutions to right them; with particular focus on obtainable options for job-readiness programs, summer employment, literacy programs, GED application process, HIV testing, as well as other major concerns within the communities.

Tomorrow he will be leading a townhall  to discuss this timeless issue

Do You Know Your Daddy?”

Wednesday April 23, 2014 


Cathedral International Church 

(205 Smith Street, Perth Amboy, NJ