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Erica and Tina talk about Mitchell. Tina thinks that her life is falling apart. Erica admits that she doesn’t want to share her joys while Tina is suffering.  Erica explains that Tina’s lows are making her feel awful. She goes off! Watch here: Mary Mary’s Tina: ‘I’m Angry.. I Don’t Want Him No More’ [VIDEO] Tina is hurt! She lets is all come out! Erica goes to her first solo album photo shoot. Erica returns to Tina’s house and tells her that it is time for Tina to take care of Tina. Erica suggests that Tina visit heir friend Cece.  Erica suggest that Tina ask Teddy to leave for awhile.

Erica faces a new level of being handled. Warryn reminds Erica that she is “new”.  Warryn says that he needs her grace and spirit. Warryn starts to give advice to Erica. Warryn does not feel Erica is giving her best. Meanwhile Teddy and Tina talk. Tina tells  Teddy that basically she forgave him on a lie.  Tina reveals in the confessional that she wants more than what she had. Teddy ponders everything.

Tina tells Teddy, “I don’t trust you no more.” Teddy confesses that he is nervous about the space they are in. Erica and Tina let Mitch go. Mitchell feels shoved aside. Tina lets Erica know that she is going to head out for a break.


Before you can get something off your chest, you need to know that it’s bothering you in the first place. In many ways, this is the hardest step. You have to figure out what that it is.


You know you’re finished getting it off your chest when:


    • You’ve said everything you wanted to say (maybe repeatedly)
    • You no longer feel immobilized, but rather inspired to take constructive action
    • You feel empowered rather than victimized (because you understand how to take back your power)
    • You’re not obsessed with whatever was bothering you — instead you’re focused on how to take care of yourself
    • You’re bored (because you’re complete) and want to do something else
    • You physically feel better, as in you have a clearer head, a lighter heart, and/or more energy

People carry emotional baggage because they don’t get things off their chest. Don’t let that be you. Be smart about it, travel lightly, and make the best of your journey ahead. 

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