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On Angel’s Wings, starring Reginald Vel Johnson, Robin Givens, Bill Cobbs, Taylor Faye Ruffin, Tyler Humphrey, Gerald Webb, Sean Huze and Sweet Brown,  is a new heartwarming, family film directed by Aaaron Willams (Preaching to the Pastor, The Pastor’s Secrets, Mama I Want to Sing).  On Angel’s Wings will be releasing this summer and will feature Gospel Music’s leading male group The Wardlaw Brothers (TWB) who will make their debut in the forthcoming film with appearances and music features.  TWB’s chart topping radio hit ‘Right Now Lord’ and worship cover “Here I Am To Worship” are featured/performed songs in the movie.  TWB songwriter Luther Wardlaw also penned a new original song and theme for the movie ‘Angel’s Wings’

This moving story is another significant contribution towards addressing the pervasive lack of positive content for the African-American community.  African-Americans are a demographic creator Aaron Williams sees as largely neglected by not only the major studios, but also by a large percentage of independent filmmakers.

On working with VelJohnson, the young director’s enthusiasm is palpable, “As an African-American growing up when I did it was tough. I remember wondering where were people that looked like me and my friends and family on television – other than in the back of a squad car on Hill Street Blues!”

Aaron Williams says, “There were so few positive portrayals of black families and culture… especially black men.  On network television in the eighties and nineties there were only two: Bill Cosby and Reginald VelJohnson! To work with him [VelJohnson] on this film is a real blessing.”

Movie goers in the south with get the first sneak peak of the uplifting film. The  theatrical premiere will be held at the AMC Theatre, 9168 Mall of Louisiana Blvd in Baton Rouge, LA. Showtime is Sunday, April 13th at 3pm.  Tickets to the premiere are available online now at www.digitalmediala.com/angels.  Use the promo code “Angels” to receive $1.00 off each ticket purchase.

The movie is a family film about a star player for the Angel’s Soccer Team who gets injured and Coach Carter (VelJohnson) decides to play the water girl, McKenzie Adams (Ruffin). After embarrassing herself in front of the entire school her luck changes when she meets an Angel that grants her 3 wishes. Unable to keep it a secret, she takes her little Brother Josh (Humphrey) and their dog Zeus on a whirlwind of fun and adventure.

Their excitement proves short-lived when McKenzie’s luck runs out and she has to figure things out on her own. In this coming of age family movie, McKenzie, Josh, and their dog Zeus find that miracles really do happen everyday, because they happen whenever we help someone in need.

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