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Today we roll out something brand New. It’s called ‘Just Saying from Derrick Jaxn. Derrick Jaxn founded a non-profit teen mentoring organization Team Jaxn, won national and multiple conference football championships in the SIAC as a tight end for Tuskegee University, and beat the Generation Y statistics of being underemployed or not employed at all by garnering a sales position within a Fortune 500 company immediately following graduation. While those who know Derrick all agree that his story is nothing short of inspirational the former Sales and Marketing major obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree from the College of Business and Information Science from one of the most well noted historically black colleges and universities and shortly after penned his first novel “A Cheating Man’s Heart”. For Derrick the real work has just begun. In less than 60 days his debut novel “A Cheating Man’s Heart” maintains a 5-star Amazon rating, has over 300 reader reviews and remains in the top #25 in genre fiction/biographical on Kindle and genre fiction/urban life in paperback books. Over 300 comments from readers are posted sharing how his book has entertained, encouraged and informed about relationships.- Oretha Winston, Lead Editor

So today we introduce the first post called, ‘Top 20 Most Successful Lies Guys Tell’

Lying is like a man’s native language. We come straight out the womb speaking it fluently. Before we can even pronounce Mama or Dadda, we use our body language to tell our lies. While some of us grow out of it(partially), there are some who don’t care to venture from our roots. I call them the Ain’t-Shitpopulation. They’re growing in number and even making little Ain’t-Shitbabies to carry on their legacy. So before I someday bring a daughter into this world, I feel that it is my duty to dust off my cape for a moment. I asked thousands of women and came up with the top 20 lies(in no particular order) and put them into Ain’t-Shit translation for all to understand:

1.       I miss you.

Really Means: Something just randomly reminded me of you but other than that I haven’t thought twice about you since last time we spoke.

2.      I’m spontaneous so you just have to be down to ride.

Really Means: If  nothing else works out, I’d like to call you and you be available.

3.       I’d rather chill than go out any day.

Really Means:I can get out of spending money by convincing you I’m a simple guy, I’ll do it.

4.       I’m not like the guys in your past so don’t compare me to them.

Really Means: Try to forget the BS they fed you, because I ain’t got new material and I wanna feed you some more. Eat up. 

5.       Relationship titles just complicate things.

Really Means: complicate the lies I’mma have to tell you when I wanna go find other

females. Too much thinking. That ain’t my style.

6.       I love women with natural hair and beauty.

Really Means: going to do it anyway so I might as well get a couple cool points and pretend I care.

7.       I’m probably bout to go ahead n go to sleep.

Really Means: For me to make my nightly rounds so my other chicks don’t get mad I didn’t hit them up too. Equal opportunity.

8.       I didn’t see your text until just now.

Really Means: I saw it, I just didn’t feel like replying at the moment but I don’t want you holding it against me when I want you to come over this weekend.

9.       Oh she’s just a friend, something like a sister.

Really Means: I tried to get at her a while back and she told me no so I’m working with you until she comes around.

10.   I’m about to go chill with my homeboys.

Really Means: We are all about to go recruiting to add to our roster so you can get a few teammates.

Read the remaining 10 here.


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