Top 30 African American Baby Girl Names

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    Naming is a creative process.Today’s parents seem to believe they can alter their child’s destiny by picking the perfect—preferably idiosyncratic—name. (Destiny, incidentally, was the ninth most popular name for girls in New York City last year.) The current crop of preschoolers includes a few Uniques, with uncommonly named playmates like Kyston, Payton and Sawyer. From Dakota to Heaven, Integrity to Serenity, more babies are being named after places and states of mind. Names with alternative spellings are on the upswing, like Jaxon, Kassidy, Mikayla, Jazmine and Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backward), as are mix-and-match names such as Ashlynn and Rylan.


    1. Aaliyah/Aliyah
    2. Alexandra
    3. Alexis
    4. Alyssa
    5. Angel
    6. Aniyah
    7. Brianna
    8. Chloe
    9. Destiny
    10. Diamond
    11. Gabrielle
    12. Hailey
    13. Hannah
    14. Imani
    15. Isis
    16. Jada
    17. Jasmine
    18. Jayla
    19. Jordan
    20. Kayla
    21. Kennedy
    22. Kiara
    23. Laila
    24. Madison
    25. Makayla
    26. Nevaeh
    27. Sydney
    28. Taylor
    29. Tiana
    30. Trinity

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    Please note that this list was compiled from he states that submit ethnic backgrounds.


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