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Tonight Mitchell and Mary Mary clashed. episode opens with Erica and Tina meeting with Mitchell after having really intense discussions.Mitchell decides that he should not do day to day management. Mitchell thinks that it might be best that another person come on. Mitch feel like the communication bridge is slipping away.Tina goes on a shopping spree to find an outfit that teddy might like. Tina asks her mother to help out with the children.  Erica has enrolled Krista in acting and they spend a little time talking. Krista explains that she misses her mother. Erica asks Mitchell to meet with her new manager.  Erica wants less confusion and Mitch decides that he is nit willing to work it through. Erica tells Warryn that Mitchell yelled at him. Warryn is not happy. Warryn reminds Mitchell that Erica is not his child. Poor Mitchell just sounds beaten down at the end of this session, and we truly feel bad for him. Meanwhile, Teddy reassures Tina that he will be working n them.  Tina gets in the car  and is terribly sad.  Mitch meets with Warryn and My Block Team. Teddy goes to visit The Mary’s mother. Erica encourages her 9 year old daughter to perform on stage with Mary Mary.  Teddy surprises Tina.   The ladies head to Atlanta Gospelfest. The ladies get told that rain is 30 minutes.  A longtime friend informs the Marys that  they didn’t talk because Mitch didn’t connect to the right people.


We’re only human, and sometimes we make mistakes. It’s consistent behavior that conveys how someone really feels. You might convince yourself that this person is just misunderstood, and that no one else wants to give them the compassion and support you’re willing to offer. It’s great to be compassionate, but we need to be compassionate with ourselves first—and that means acknowledging what’s just not okay.

So, how do we know when to stop? At some point, you have to realize that if it’s not working, it’s not going to work.vEnding something that’s not working can be extremely liberating, and if you know deep down that it’s inevitable, you may as well step up to the plate right away. It’s just always the easiest thing to deal with and cope with. Life is filled with challenges, relationships and shortcomings. The Mary’s faced adversity of change. If you know deep down that you’re not right together, then your relationship is over. The issue is are you asking the right questions.

The right questions are:

Has this relationship run its course? [Mitch and The Marys]

Are you ready to sacrifice to save it? [Teddy and Tina]

What are your expectations of the relationship? [Erica and Mitch]

Once you have those answers you are able to make a decision. No One said it would be easy.

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