Mary Mary Season 3 Episode 3: Performing In Pain [VIDEO]


Tina and Erica try to go about business as usual. They meet with Mitch to discuss The View appearance. Erica informs Mitch that she is performing live.

Warryn becomes angry that Erica shares her music with others in the Gospel  music industry.


The ladies perform Go Get It for the View. Tina delivers the news to her publicist that she has told Ebony everything about her personal struggles. Erica insists that she will stand with Tina shoulder to shoulder. Tina reveals to her publicist that she has told Ebony everything. Meanwhile, Mitch is informed that he will not manage the Erica Campbell brand. Erica goes to New York and releases her new single ‘A Little More Jesus’. Mitch decides that he does not want to watch Erica’s solo performance. Erica and Tina go head to head after a brand meeting. Mitch is not happy that Erica placed a radio call before a Mary Mary meeting.


Are you ready for doing the right thing for you? Do you just give in without  defending yourself and well being?All of our lives, we’ve been struggling with just how it is that we ought to decide. Are there lists to be made–columns of “good results”  and “bad results” to be conceived, compared and contrasted? Are there  rules to follow–do this; don’t do that? Are there good ways to be–be patient; don’t lose your temper? We struggle not only with what in fact we ought to do, but also with how in the world we are to decide whether it is right to lie just this once.When answering this question one must include many factors, such as religious morals and values, environmental influences, society, and etc.Morals define personal character or the ability to choose between right and wrong, while ethics are a social arrangement where those morals should be applied. Ethics are the rules of behavior expected by a certain group of people.

Anger should never ever influence what you do. In anger we lack charity. Charity is a basic precept of how we treat others and ourselves. Charity is what brings Tina around to wanting to keep her marriage. She has shown the world this week in saying, ‘Everything I Was And I Wasn’t Was All His’  What are you ready to claim?

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