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Is a woman responsible when a man cheats?

Our sister site Hello Beautiful ran the following story: Is It Tina Campbell’s Fault Her Husband Cheated?

When it comes to infidelity, research shows that men are motivated primarily by the lure of sex, while women trek outside the marriage due to emotional neglect and the need for emotional intimacy. Though more men than women cheat, infidelity is on the rise among both in recent decades. For men and women, the ease of travel to cities where they are anonymous could partially explain the increase. Tina never broke her vows. She placed the sacred of their union first. It was apparent when she came home to talk to him. It was apparent when she went on vacation with him. Something was wrong.

Tina finds her greatest worth and value in her family home life. Tina is the passionate and loving wife to Teddy Campbell. Teddy and Tina are parents to 5 amazing kids – Cierra, 18, Teddy’s daughter from a previous relationship, Laiah Simone, 8, Meelah Jane, 5, Glendon Theodore, 3, and Santana, born in August.

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For Tina her loving and close knit family makes all that she does worth it when she is on the road as Mary Mary.

I know Erica doesn’t completely get my decision to share the truth of me & Teddy’s marriage, she at least respects my right to do so.   Even though it never needed to be said, I’m glad she did tell that she has my back and is here for me.

Watch the below of Tina calling Teddy to task:

Last week, we watched Tina question Teddy’s motives. Tina peppers Teddy with questions about his past, and wanting to know the whys of his betrayal.  In particular, Tina queries Teddy, “Did you not find me attractive anymore? Did you not love me?” Teddy responds by saying, “I was a coward.” After answering all of her concerns, Teddy guarantees he will never be unfaithful to his wife again.

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