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Erica Campbell did it! She stepped out on her own and has created an album that is not only inspiring and uplifting ,it is a warm embrace from an old friend who has been where you have been.

After so much anticipation, HELP, Erica Campbell’s debut solo album on MyBlock / eOne is here. It will be available on March 25,2014

The album is a true labor of love for Erica. It comes across in her music clearly.

Track 1. The Question The song comes in with a challenge question: ‘Who killed Jesus?’ The response: “He laid it all down”  immediately calls you into the presence of something special. You are hearing the voice of a woman who clearly has a prayer life and is taking you into her prayer circle. The piano starts off with a clear call to the serious business of salvation and the truth behind it. She continuously calls you to  the truth of  faith. he bog booming choir that conforms in with affirmation reminds a sinner why you believe.

Track 2. You Are  Starts you off with the vibe you would have gotten from Liza Minnelli or a Broadway tune. It calls you to remember the days of  Chorus line’s “One”. This song is a spring in your step song. Erica takes her time with the lyrics and gives you jazz hooks that makes you smile.  She belts out  the lyric  “I said I feel him all over me.” like a big show stopping tune you  would see in a musical. When the track ends you expect to see Erica strutting out of  a door with it slamming behind you.

Track 3. A Little More Jesus  The traditional Sunday hand clapper  that reminds you of Church  when you were younger. It’s just fun. When she performed this song on The Stellar Awards, you were reminded just how good this song is. She makes you smile when she  sings says, “Know my momma didn’t raise me that way.” You are reminded that everyday is a struggle but we a get there with,”Just a Little More Jesus”

Track 4. Help Erica  brings us to and through the plea to The Lord. You can hear the pain and her intention. When she sings the words: “Done prayed every prayer, went to every service like I knew how”. The song gives vivid voice to those of us that suffer every day through the challenges.

She brings you to your knees with this song. Watch her belt it out:

Track 5. I’m A Fan  Kicks of on a beach  and brings you in with a Billie Holiday groove. In this song she reminds she that she is a child of God that is amazed by His creation. The sweet delivery is a love song that you can use in your own meditation so for praise. This song is a good song that families can use  when discussing the concept of God and Christ. It’s a theology lesson to music.

Track 6. The Atkins House skit way reminds you of The Jackson Five rehearsal clip  from the 1970’s that featured Bill Cosby. It is clear that it is a ode to the 1970’s. Little Erica  delivers a name check to reporter that will bring a smile to your face.

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