As we head towards the end of the year we all take stock of our lives. So, in the name of house cleaning here are the 10 Commandments of Dating. You are accosted with suggestive invites at every turn. The practice that “less is best” has gone out the window in favor of “more is better.”Therefore, lets plan to get our hearts and minds right for the end of the decade.

10. Thou Shall Not Become a Slave to Rejection: Lead not a search of uncertainty or doubt and do not allow a few unnoticed pokes.

9. Thou Must Find the Right Spot to Settle Down: Place yourself in a spot where more people share similar backgrounds, interests and beliefs as you.

8. You Shall Not Overly Commit to dating: Try setting up fewer dates and focus on just a few.

7. You Shall Not Make Wrongful Use of Your Profile: The personal profile is sacred and should not be false or misleading. You shall abstain, from disclosing your annual salary, posting revealing personal body shots.

6. Thou Shall Honor and Respect Others: You shall not selfishly flirt or be misleading to others just because you have nothing better to do.

5. Remember to keep your intentions honest. Dishonesty means you have no honor. If you are lying you will not attract the right person for you.

4. Search with Focus to one day deactivate: If you share 3 dates with someone within a community, you are commanded to deactivate the setting which lets others know when, how often and what you do when you are online.

3. Thou Shall Not Seek Sex or Riches at Every Opportunity. This should never ever be a reason to engage in online dating.

2. You Shall Avoid Full Disclosure: Exchange not more than three e-mails or two conversations before setting a first date.

1. Thou Must Open Your Heart. Contemplate your preference settings and be realistic in what you want. Remember you will not be able to date what you are not ready for.

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