I felt the need to deviate from weight loss for just a second because I think this topic is just as critical to our overall health.  Removing toxins are crucial to living a good healthy life.  It contributes to everything we do.  I am going to educate you on this subject by the end of this article.  Hopefully you will go away with a greater understanding on how to be a better consumer.    Let me share my story and how I started down this health journey.

My son was born with eczema and my daughter would cough her brains out every night with asthma like symptoms.  We fought my sons eczema with everything on the market from prescription creams like elidel, cetaphil soap, aveeno with oatmeal and nothing worked.  His skin cleared up and never returned when I learned and switched to safer products that were non toxic.  I began reading labels and was floored by what I found by my research.  The biggest statistic that caught my attention was that 90% of all cancers are triggered by toxins in the home environment according to the President’s Toxic Substance Strategy Committee.  Like most people I often asssumed that if a product was on the market, it must be safe.  Finally I came to realize that I was being poisoned in my own home.  An EPA (Environment Protection Agency) report stated that indoor air pollution is one of the nations most important environment health problems today.  The Federal Code of Regulations section 1500.82 EXEMPTS manufacturers from full labeling allowing them to exclude “hazardous” chemicals from their labels.

Did you know that you cannot just sit your chemicals outside in your trash can for the garbage men to collect.  It is hazardous waste and has to be treated as such.  Our health breaks down and has been in the last decades due to what we are breathing in.  Ask yourself, was cancer as prevalent as it is today?  Every time you look up, someone has it now.  Where is it coming from?

Our children are the ones who suffer the most, cancer is now the leading cause of death among them according to the American Cancer Society (ACS).  The EPA reports toxic chemicals in our home cleaning and personal care products are 3 times more likely to cause cancer than outside pollutants.  The EPA warns toxic chemicals in household cleaners cause women working at home to have a 55% HIGHER cancer risk than women working oustide the home.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!  We can take control of our environments.  Take heed.

As African Americans we have to learn how to take better care of our health.  Just like it is important to detox our bodies, it is just as important to detox our homes.  There are so many ways to eliminate the harmful toxins from your life.  I will share from time to time on ways to do just that.  We have now been toxic free for a little more than 5 years and it is the best decision I could have made for my family.

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