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This season of Mary Mary opens up with Erica and Tina meeting with Mitchell to discuss the reason why plans to tour Africa have fallen through. Mitch explains that things were not in order the way they had to be, so they were not going. Tina does not take it well. In fact, Tina points out that quite a few things have not been working out the way they should. These are not the only things not working out. Her home life is coming undone. Mitch does not understand what is going on. Discussion about how the ladies are doing personally is nixed. This is a business only discussion. In the confessional, she admits that, “I am trying to keep it all together.”

The ladies are awarded the cover of Ebony. An issue arises again. The ladies need “support wear”. Mitch has to call Goo Goo. Goo Goo informs Mitch that she is not on “retainer”.

Watch the conflict below:

Later, Erica is starting to work on music with her husband Warryn Campbell. The conversation turns from music to management issues. The question at hand is: “Should Mitchell manage solo Erica?” Erica is having a soul searching moment and is in a serious contemplation.

The ladies head off to a Vegas appearance. Tina  committed  to work on things with Teddy  heads out for fun with Erica and her brother-in-law. They  decide to take lessons at the race track and have some fun. Mitch comes by and teases them, “See you went off to have fun.” They head to dinner.  Dinner is filled with uncomfortable silences. Mitch queries what is going on during his confessional. Erica is not amused by his work questions:

Watch the below exchange:

The ladies head to the  venue for their show. Tina wanting to be the supportive wife goes out  to watch Teddy play behind a soul artist.  The sound is awful. This makes the ladies worry!  When they hit the stage all the kinks have been worked out and they have a good show. Unfortunately, at the very end curiosity drives Mitch and Erica to a head to head conversation with Warryn looking on.

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