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27th Annual Chicago Gospel Festival

Teddy Campbell is the husband of Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell. In 2000, Tina married Teddy Campbell, who is the drummer for The Tonight Show Band. He has a daughter, Cierra, from a previous relationship. Together they have five children.

He is probably best known for being the drummer on the hit late night show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Christian Youth M.B. of Chicago, is where Teddy Campbell’s love of music, and learning to play the drums as a child, began. For the past 7 years, drummer Teddy Campbell was seen on the FOX smash hit show American Idol. He is a former member of the live house band that played a pivotal role in making Idol one of the most entertaining and most watched programs in TV history.

During Season 3 Mary  Mary you will see his infidelity play out on screen and how it affects  his marriage to  Tina.  Many of us watched this play out over last summer and you can read the following stories to catch up on the specific details:

Fashionable Tina Campbell
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