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Meagan Good has been clearing the record lately.

She attributes all the great things in her life to her belief in God and firm understanding  of the entertainment business.

You definitely run into people who can be catty.I’ve learned that I can’t manage other people I can only manage myself… I’m a firm believer in God when it comes to roles and opportunities and I believe that He gives those opportunities.”

Good revealed why sh is not jealous of her fellow actresses who may get a role instead of her.

“I also believe that what’s mine is mine and nobody can take that away from me… And I believe that what belongs to someone else, belongs to them, and I can’t take it from them,” Good told UrbanRoyals.com. “I believe that when one wins, it really does give us all an opportunity in a way. I’m always happy for anybody that wins. So whether it’s Zoe [Saldana], Kerry [Washington], or whoever, I’m truly happy.”

Meagan Good married preacher and Hollywood Executive DeVon Franklin. Although the pair has publicly expressed their love for one another, Good recently admitted that she had some fears before exchanging vows.

“What I feared about marriage was that I would lose my identity and be controlled or suffocated or like a caged lion and what I found was the exact opposite,I’m way more empowered, more content, more confident and just freer across the board,  Good told Upscale magazine.

Meagan and Hollywood producer DeVon Franklin   recently discussed their marriage secrets:

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