In The Light: TD Jakes Sues Alleged Stalker

A judge extended a temporary restraining order until next Monday.

Jakes sued Karleisha Tarver last month, and a court hearing Monday will determine whether a temporary injunction should be issued, ordering her to stay away from the pastor, reports the Star-Telegram.

The restraining order says Tarver cannot come within 500 feet of the pastor, his family and employees.

“I would love to comment, but I can’t because this case is pending,” says Jakes’ attorney, Faith Johnson, the Star-Telegram reports.

According to court documents, Tarver could take actions that “may ultimately lead to the death of one of the plaintiffs, their family, their friends, church attendees and/or staff.”

Wow, we pray he stays safe.

Check out these pastors who employ serious security below.

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