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Sometimes we envy successful people without understanding the shoes they wore before their accomplishment.  I’ve heard people say, “I wish I was so-and-so.  She has everything you can imagine.”  But you have no idea what s/he may have gone through to arrive at that place in their lives.  You have no clue of the toil, sleepless nights, days of hunger and pain, rejection and disappointment that they had to endure in order to get to the place where you see them NOW.  All we see is the finished product – the refinement.  We don’t see the crushing that apparently took place (the Potter and the clay).  Yet some of us are quick to say, “She has it good.”

J.K. Rowling is one such person.  Ya’ll know who and what Harry Potter is right?  She is the creator of this children book/movie phenomenon.  But don’t get it twisted, she wasn’t always rolling around riding the coattail of Harry and his friends.  She was once just like many of us – hoping and praying for a miracle to snatch her up out of the miry clay of life.  She had been sowing seeds toward her gift for years, since she was 5 and nothing came of the stories she wrote – nothing more than the reading of them to her sister.  And that was perfect for such a time.  When she penned her first story that dealt with the concept of Harry Potter, she was on a train and it was there that every detail of her story came to life within her.  She knew it was time to collect her thoughts on paper (“Write the vision and make it plain…”).  After the death of her mother, clinical depression with suicidal tendencies and welfare, J.K. Rowling’s dream became a reality – sort of.  She submitted her vision to 12 publishing companies and it was rejected.  WOW!  I can relate to that.  When someone finally DID pick her up – a small publishing house in London, they ONLY printed 1000 copies of her book and told her not to quit her day job.  Well…the rest is history and she is obviously not concerned about the day job any longer.  But the point is that, she knocked, sought and knocked some more.  She didn’t give up, even though the odds seemed to be stacked against her.  And then one day it happened.  BUT, it didn’t just magically appear.  This woman had been sowing seeds for years.  But it happened.  And within 5 years, she was a multi-millionaire.  Don’t tell me IT can’t happen.

I remember hearing a sermon many moons ago, “Stay In Your Lane.”  The premise was essentially about making sure that you focus on you and your game plan and not get caught up in what and how this or that person was able to accomplish whatever they did – because you never know what they went through to get it.  Yes – J.K. Rowling is set for life…but she paid her dues – and so must we.  Success isn’t going to come in a vacuum.  It is earned.  So…whatever your vision, make it plain so that anyone who reads it would be able to run with it ~ Habakkuk 2:2.  That’s the only way to see it through.

So…what’s the point you ask?  Here’s the point ~ if you are on welfare, unemployment, disability, SSI, drugs or your own personal high…you can make it.  That’s the point.  If J.K. Rowling made it from rags to riches, so can you.  Reality is…if your family isn’t the inventor of the color BLUE or the concept behind the technology of the light bulb, we are ALL going to be a rags to riches story.  All of us.  The only thing different than her and you is that she didn’t let a “NO” stop her (even though she MAY have been discouraged) and she didn’t stop dreaming.

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