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Donald Lawrence & Co.: The Law of Confession, Part I

For over fifteen years, Donald Lawrence has been a force and a household name within both the secular and gospel arenas. An award winning producer, writer, and vocalist, Lawrence has been the driving force behind gospel’s biggest songs over the last few years, including producing the four most played songs in 2007. After composing the chart-topping final album with his choir, The Tri-City Singers, Lawrence is back with his sophomore solo album titled The Law of Confession, Part I. Designed as the accompanying soundtrack to the book of the same title authored by Pastor Bill Winston, Lawrence takes a thematic focus to this album with the design of showcasing the power of words.

The album, recorded in July 2008 at Living Word Christian Center, could arguably be Lawrence’s greatest assembled body of work to date. This time, Lawrence is backed by The Company, an all-star cast of vocalists including Jason Nelson, DeWayne Woods, Latrice Pace, Blanche McAllister-Dykes, Kim McFarland-Anderson, Tobbi White-Darks, Lisa Jones, Tommie White, Dawn Jordan, Floyd Wilkinson, Michael Smith, and Anita Wilson, who masterfully deliver Lawrence’s trademark vocal arrangements. The entire album is earmarked by five-part harmony spread, infusing it with a distinctive sound that stands above the crowd of projects available these days.Daniel Weatherspoon assumes the roles of musical director and co-producer of the album, while Lawrence handles the lion’s share of production and writing responsibilities.Historically, Lawrence has demonstrated his innate ability to pen material that is both prophetic in nature and filled with significant Biblical content. He continues in this same vein here, presenting perhaps the greatest lyrical depth of any effort found in his extensive catalogue. Couple the incredible lyrical content with fresh, original, and diverse musical arrangements and you have the formula for an epic release. From the album’s majestic opening “The Word of the Lord” to the empowering “There Is a King In You” Lawrence encourages the listener to live their best life through the power of both God’s Word and the words that emanate from the life of the believer.Famed orchestral mastermind Darin Atwater pens “Gravitas”, an appositely regal introduction to “There Is A King In You”. Richard Smallwood lends his musical penmanship to the album with the churchy ballad “I’ve Got Something”, which features Blanche McAllister-Dykes on lead vocals.McAllister-Dykes teams with Tobbi White-Darks for lead vocals on the album’s infectious title track, which is another bona fide jewel. “Happy Being Me”, co-written by Saleem Asad, Derek “DOA” Allen, and Angie Stone is a powerful song of empowerment that reminds people to find joy and love in loving themselves. With Anita Wilson on lead vocals on Derek Allen on acoustic guitar, this song is certain to lift the self-esteem of all who listen.The Blessing Is On You features prominent orchestration, with Kim McFarland-Anderson providing a fiery evangelistic performance on lead vocals.

No Donald Lawrence album would be complete without its share of head-nodding jams and Lawrence doesn’t disappoint. The album’s lead radio single “Back II Eden” is full of incredibly contagious moments. Then there’s the hybrid track “Let The Word Do The Work”, which deftly fuses zydeco, hip-hop, quartet, and Sunday morning church all into one track. Bro Hahz spits fire while this track gets in every part of you and is guaranteed to make you dance.There simply aren’t enough words to fully capture the power of this effort. Perhaps the most amazing part is that in the midst of incredible vocal and musical presentation, the central theme of this effort is by no means lost. After 64 minutes, Lawrence successfully accomplishes his task of reminding all the power of words and the effectiveness of “The Law of Confession”.The real question is this… How long must we wait for Part II?

Production: Donald Lawrence, Daniel Weatherspoon, Derek “DOA” Allen

album release date: Feb 3, 2009

Quietwater Entertainment / Verity Records

-reviewed by Gerard Bonner for

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