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President’s weekend is here! For many of us it bargain hunting time.

Comparison shop online to browse through retailers’ President’s Day sales ads offering discounts on everything from mattresses and fashion clothing to flat screen TV’s and laptops.  Don’t overlook other great bargains to be had on even bigger ticket items like refrigerators, washing machines, and other major appliances.

Speaking of major purchases, also watch for fantastic deals on new cars, as dealerships traditionally use President’s Day weekend to clear out their inventory by drastically dropping prices. If you’re already in the market and have done your research, there’s no better time of year to score buy a new car at used car prices.

Scoop up those winter clothes!  Stores are getting ready for spring! This is your chance to get those winter boots you have wanted. Buy one size up for the kids. Wen it is time for them to put on that sweater you will be amazed at how they have grown!

Reception halls are easier to book into as well. In February, though, you won’t have to complete with spring/early summer brides, which means you might score a better price for the facility, for your gown, for tux rentals, and even plane tickets to that special destination that you won’t see enough of, due to all the time you’ll spend in your hotel room.

Cosmetics and perfumes are easy tickets.  The stores will be chock full of gift sets. Take advantage of the weekend and score big!

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